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Susan Fleet Welsch '63

Susan Fleet Welsch '63
When asked why she is so passionate about The Bishop's School, Susan Fleet Welsch '63 replies, "The academics, performing arts programs, variety of sports, fabulous teachers, small class size, plus the many wonderful friends I've kept in touch with over the past 50 years, all make this School tops in my book."

Susan, who is an honorary lifetime trustee, grew up being taught that the greatest gift one can receive is a good education by her father, Reuben H. Fleet, who repeatedly told his children how education was the most important asset he had been given as a young person. He was fortunate to have been given a scholarship to Culver Military Academy, graduating in 1906.

"I wasn't quite as convinced as he was when I was a student at Bishop's because I was a boarder and we weren't allowed off campus by ourselves, so I felt somewhat deprived. That is until I got to college and discovered that the academic skills I had acquired at Bishop's gave me a step up for my university studies and law school."

Just as her father supported Culver Military Academy every year until he died, Susan is supporting The Bishop's School's Financial Aid Program every year as well as through her estate plan.

Susan's belief in The Bishop's School and the transformative influence it plays in young lives led to her decision to include a major bequest as part of her estate plan. Bequests are one of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impact on The Bishop's School and future generations of students. In addition to leaving a legacy that exemplifies personal values and support of educational excellence, it often provides valuable tax savings.

If your estate is over the estate tax exemption amount (currently $5,250,000), a bequest will provide for an estate tax charitable deduction, lessening the burden of taxes on your family and loved ones. Considering a top estate rate of 40 percent, bequests can be a valuable philanthropic planning tool.

Generally, bequests are made as a gift of a percentage of your estate; a gift of a specific dollar amount or asset; a gift from the balance or residue of your estate. Please click here to review sample bequest language. Please click here for more information on bequests.

We invite you to contact John A. Trifiletti, chief advancement officer, at (858) 875-0851 or trifilettj@bishops.com to discuss the options for your planned gift.

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