Caroline Cummins Circle Members

Members of Caroline Cummins Circle have expressed their commitment to The Bishop's School through a very special and important form of financial support.

These donors have named Bishop's as the beneficiary of a planned gift.

Visit our Gift Options page to learn how you can become a Caroline Cummins Circle member

The continued growth of the planned giving program is a tribute to the excellence of the School and the love, loyalty and commitment to Bishop's future by alumni, current parents, faculty, staff, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends.

Thank you to the members of the Caroline Cummins Circle for their gifts to the future of a Bishop's education.

Mrs. Marianne Banning Adey '59
*Mrs. Marjorie and *Capt. James Agnew
The Rev. Mary Sterrett Anderson
Mrs. Elizabeth Keilty Archibald '85
Mrs. Nancy Corbin Assaf '53
Mr. Forbes Baker '57
Mrs. Grace and Mr. Christopher J. Baker '83
Ms. Lori A. Bantz
*Mrs. Jean Kirby Bartlett, Class of 1920
Ms. Brenda Baker and Mr. Stephen L. Baum
Mrs. Barbara Young Beebe '55
Ms. Nicole Benedict '82
*Mrs. Natalie Best
Ms. Jennifer S. Betts '85
Mrs. Linda and *Mr. Ronald P. Bird
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. James A. Bixby
Mrs. Joan Black
Mrs. Diane and *Mr. Lawrence Bock
Mrs. Rachael Madden-Connor Bolton '00
*Mrs. Mona Wood Bonelli, Class of 1919
Mrs. Roberta Kohn Bouillon '62
Mrs. Jane C. Bradford
*Mrs. Virginia Luckett Breese '33
Ms. Marie-Claire J. Brien '76
Mr. Michael J. Brown '70
*Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
Mrs. Clara Morf Buellesbach '54
Mr. Bruce C. Burgener '61
*Mr. Robert A. Burgin, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah Williams Burke '85
Mrs. Theresa Upshaw Callahan '80
Mrs. Jennifer Campbell-Coehl '81
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Carl E. Carden
Ms. Janed Guymon Casady '59
Ms. Dolores Clark '56
Ms. Margaret R. Cooke '62
Mrs. Paula Hattox Covington '65
*Mrs. Miriam C. Cuddihy
*Pamela Meeker Danser '40
*Mrs. Barbara Lasher Davidson '35
Mrs. Dawn Kearney Davidson
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Delahanty
Mrs. Jamie Clinton Detweiler '61
Dr. Susan Detwiler '83
*Mrs. Elizabeth Harrington Dickinson '39
Mrs. Mary Loomis Dorn '51
Ms. Beth Price Dugan '56
Mrs. Mary and Mr. William Eldredge
Mr. Jon Epsten '74
Mrs. Kristin McMurran Ewald
Ms. Eve Ewing '55
Mr. David K. Ewton '72
Mrs. Anne Feighner McCarthy and *Dr. John P. Feighner
Ms. Helen Ferguson '69
Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Jane Trevor Fetter '54
*Ms. Adelaide C. Flanagan
Mr. Brock Rosenthal and Ms. J. Alison Fleming '80
*Mrs. Elisabeth Brockway Fogarty '30
The Rev. Charles S. Foss
*Mrs. J. Eberson Fygi
Mr. Orrin and Mrs. Karen Milburn Gabsch '61
Mrs. Cathy and Mr. Bradley A. Geier
Mrs. Judith Van Daam Gerrity '67
Mr. Robert Gleason '83
Ms. Barbara Gorder '75
Ms. Sandra A. Gustafson '56
Mrs. Helga F. and *Mr. William Halsey
Mrs. Molly and *Dr. Cecil J. Hannan
Ms. Mary Peters Hanson '65
Ms. Marcia N. Harrod
Mrs. Lisa Dick Hellerich '74
Dr. Melinda Hennessey
*Dr. Eileen and *Lt. Col. William L. Holliday
*Mrs. Margaret Pence Howell '43
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. R. Scott Huennekens
Mrs. Candace and Dr. Kent A. Humber
*Mrs. Frances and *Mr. Edwin Hunter
*Mrs. Betty Ann and *Mr. Richard Huntington
*Miss Jean Inwood '44
*Miss Ruth Jenkins
Mrs. Adele Weidenkopf Kayser '45
Ms. Sharon Kelsch
Mr. Gordon R. Knight
*Mrs. Elizabeth L. Knox (Betty)
Mrs. Carol Ham Landsman '65
Mrs. Sylvia Coutts Lansberg '53
Mrs. Jeanne Hancock Larson '67
Mrs. Diana Lennox Latta '54
Dr. Bruce R. Lindsey
Mrs. Wilma Lindsey
*Mrs. Rosamond and *Mr. Richard Loomis
Mrs. Ann Wolterstorff Love '65
Mrs. Jo Bobbie MacConnell '38
Mrs. Susan Howell Mallory '72
Mr. Douglas Manchester
Mrs. Elizabeth Manchester
Ms. Melissa R. Markey '69
Ms. Deborah J. Martin '83
*Mr. Gilbert J. Martin
*Ms. Jane C. Martin
Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Suydam Mathers '67
Miss Nancy M. McGreevy '83
Ms. Wendy A. McGuire
Mrs. Shelly McClain McLarty '73
Mrs. Carole Anderson McNamara '63
Mrs. Flora Mira-Menees and The Rev. Eric Menees
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Merideth
Mrs. Mary and *Judge Thomas R. Mitchell
Ms. Cynthia C. Weiler and Mr. E. Blake Moore, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Sloan Mozingo '59
Mr. Marcelo M. Muzquiz '89
Mr. Barton M. Noone
Mr. John Keller Norris, Jr. '90
Mr. Matthew K. Norris '92
Mr. Reginald A. Norris '94
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Leon W. Parma
*Mr. Edward J. and *Mrs. Caroline Duncombe Pelz '36
Mrs. Laurie and Mr. Kim H. Peterson
Mrs. Nancy Ames Petersen '43
Mrs. Deborah Darr Postel '76
Mrs. Lauren Izner Ramenofsky '72
Mr. George Reade
*Mrs. Juanita A. Reep
Mrs. Alison Adams Royle '57
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Salcido
Rev. Wayne Sanders
Mr. Nicholas Ward Sayer '86
Ms. Kimberly Durkin Schneider '96
*Mr. James G. Scripps
*Mrs. Jane Mercer Shackelford '38
*Mrs. Margaret Hopkins Simpson '40
Ms. Susy Smith '64
*Mrs. Susan Bell Steen '59
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Michael Stone
Mrs. Jill Moore Sugar '77
Mrs. Virginia Rosewaine Sundt '53
Ms. Cherry Adams Sweig '74
Mrs. Ruth Lineaweaver Swisher '43
Mr. George Sykes
Mrs. Gail Finley Thompson '52
Mrs. Gretchen Stroschein Thomson '59
*Mrs. Barbara Barnes Todd '31
Mrs. Diann Cox Tongco '73
Ms. Kristin Tow '68
Mrs. Melesse and Mr. Robert C. Traylor
Rev. Heidi Lorenz Truax '73
*Mrs. Gildee Abercrombie Vaughn '64
Drs. Kathy Sheehan and Frederick Walker
*Mrs. Grace P. Warren
Mrs. Penelope Clark Watt '64
Ms. Sheila Ferguson and Mr. Maxim C. Webb
Mrs. Suzanne Weiner
Mrs. Susan Fleet Welsch '63
*Miss Florence C. Wernham '31
Mrs. Marilyn Schuman Wertheimer '46
*Mrs. Elsie V. Weston
*Mr. Gustav R. Weston
Dr. Camille Grimes Whitcomb '48
Mr. Michael W. White '73
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Philip White
Mrs. Mary Sample Willette '60
*Miss Dorothy Anne Williams
*Mr. Robert D. and *Flora Sands Williams '34
Mrs. Victoria Walter Willis '61
*Miss Mary M. Wohlford '60
*Mrs. Helen Seeger Wolterstorff and *The Rt. Rev. Robert Wolterstorff
Mrs. Carolyn Yorston-Wellcome
Mrs. Nancy Evans Zeravich '53

* Deceased
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